Established in response to the Skills and Development Act of 1997, as a training manual supplier and developer, UCS International has since grown into an international organisation with clients both at home in South Africa and abroad, and as such have positioned ourselves within the marketplace as a leader in cost effective and user friendly training manual development.

UCS International has over the past few years equipped itself not only with skilled personnel but also the equipment needed to deliver both paper and e-book based training material in high volumes and affordable rates at amazing turnaround times.

Our goal is to supply quality technology based training material to companies looking to instil a blended learning approach in their business.

Our Team

Our company has staff which are highly trained in regard to training manual development within the mining environment.

Our subject matter expert has 13 years’ experience in developing manuals within the mining sector, and has been constantly involved in creating functional and safety conscious learning material within one of the biggest mining companies in SA.

He also developed a Behavioural Health and Safety program which has been purchased and tailored by 3 major companies.

We have a BSc Mechanical Engineer, also a director of UCS International who graduated at Potchefstroom University, as part of the technical team.


Our vision as a team is to grow our business by producing quality products which address customer needs economically and efficiently. The outcomes should be better equipped personnel at our clients and a benchmark standard for customer service in our industry.


Creating a great working environment by making sure workers share the goals and mentality of our company, and are familiar with what is needed to achieve our vision. Understanding our customer needs and desires will come from listening to and learning from them. Providing the best quality and affordable products and services will come from efficient work by motivated people.