We have been supplying training materials for skills development for 20 years. We provide training and skills development solutions across the board, supplying clients with technical manuals, training manuals, parts manuals, operator manuals and risk assessments, all of which are modular and developed for convenience with both facilitator and trainee in mind. We are not trainers, we are a support structure for your training company.

Competence Based Training Manuals

UCS International specialises in the development of competency based training material.

From the development and compilation of materials for specific courses through to the printing of material and finally, the packaging, UCS International handles every aspect, without the need to outsource any services.

Our training packages are complete, including facilitator packs, operator manuals, assessment documents, visual aids and portfolios of evidence.

Blended Learning Methodology

Blended learning is a method of education in which the learner makes use of digital resources as well as offline classes. This is particularly useful for adult learning and competency based training in corporates because the learner holds some control over the time and environment they learn in – allowing learners to make time for their other responsibilities at work or at home.

We Handle Printing and Delivery

UCS International is a one-stop shop for your training manual printing requirements.

We also offer professional printing services for A4 training manuals, year-end reports, or anything else you need printed for your business.

Free deliveries for all orders of more than 20 units in Gauteng.

Read more about our printing services here.

How Content Development Works

  1. Focus: First we establish the purpose of the training manual, the audience, and the scope.
  2. Organise: We set schedules for writing, editing, reviewing, and production as well as regular meetings to review the work.
  3. Write: Our writers collect information and/or interview knowledgeable interviews and synthesis the research into easy to understand language.
  4. Edit: We check facts, styling, and consistency in style.
  5. Review: We review and approve the training manual with the client.